Jim Devereaux

A profile review of Jim Devereaux by CastList Ltd.

As a comic and musical character actor with such a wealth of personal skills including his exceptional singing voice, writer’s flair and talent for mimicry, Jim is an outstanding example of the Variety ‘all rounder’.

As the son of West End musical star and grandson of famous Australian TV star Ed (Best known as Matt Hammond, the ranger from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo), Jim was always destined to be a star. As handsome, dedicated and charming as

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Jim Devereaux

he is talented, Jim performs internationally and is re-booked time and time again by clients who just can’t get enough of his assorted personas.

Whether he is behaving atrociously as off-beat lounge lothario Tony Clifton, charming the pants of the ladies as Elvis or baffling satire lovers with his flamboyant set of vintage toffs, villains and dandies, Jim ensures that his spell-binding showmanship works his magic over all who bear witness.

In his work as a singing mimic-artist he pays homage to history’s greats with superb accuracy – Elvis, Cab Calloway and Freddie Mercury to name just a few. Both his tribute characters and original creations are flawlessly maintained with acute detail and clever repartee.

As he morphs in to character, disappearing behind a handlebar moustache or dissolving in to a spectacular rhinestone encrusted jumpsuit, Jim deftly creates such ‘illusions of personality’ that it takes a long time for anyone to suspect that these eclectic characters are in fact, portrayed by this one singularly talented man.

Not only a frighteningly talented individual, but Jim is also passionate about entertainment and delivers his acts with professionalism and enthusiasm every time. With his intense charisma, audience rapport and good looks, it’s no surprise that Jim is in so much demand – by audiences and producers alike. As a promoter’s dream in a bespangled jumpsuit, Jim is irrefutably the ‘King of Encore’.

– Castlist Ltd. review